Carmelita Jeter Holds On To Win 100m At Jamaica Invitational

Carmelita Jeter produced a world leading 10.94 seconds to win the women's 100 metres dash at the Jamaica International Invitational.

By Gary Smith

Carmelita Jeter produced a world leading 10.94 seconds to win the women’s 100 metres dash at the Jamaica International Invitational.

The American edged home ahead of defending champion Kerron Stewart, who finished strong with a time of 10.96.

Another American Marshevet Myers took third with a time of 11.13.

Last year Jeter opened her season with a time of 10.96secs and she was delighted with opening off a little quicker.

“I’m pretty please with my time tonight,” the American said after her victory.

“I knew Kerron was going to make me run today and I am please to crossing the finishing line and being healthy.”

Meanwhile, Yohan Blake false started in the men’s race and had to watch from the sideline.

When the event finally went off, Jamaica’s Nesta Carter clocked 10.09secs to finish ahead of American Darvis Patton, who stopped the clock at 10.23. Trinidad and Tobago’s Richard Thompson was third in 10.25.  American world-leader Ivory Williams who last weekend said Usain Bolt would not have caught him had he gotten the baton ahead was fourth in 10.28.

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  1. 10.64, Kerron will get you soon. Remember you always start off fast like that until our girls start relegating you to the minor places. Kerron just need to get her start right and then we will see how the season looks. Great run Kerron for your first big race and good run as well 10.64.

  2. I watched the Penn relays, and believe me I was disappointed in the female 4x100m race. Kerron ran the medley and came back to run the 4x100m, she could have gone faster on the second leg. The anchor leg for Jamaica shelly-ann Fraser needs to do more wore with baton changes, she literally , jogged off to collect the baton from Sherone Simpson

  3. Hewie, I too watched the Penn relays, and was a bit disappointed in the female 4×100m, but only that Jamaica did not get the win. I have to give credit to the USA for putting together a good race plan and executing it well. I am not dissappointed that Kerron ran in the Medley Relay because we fielded a very strong team in the Medley, and got the result we wanted. Nobody is at their peak at this point in the season, so lets just enjoy the ride.

  4. quite so waynef remember last year we were not winning as much but as soon as wc come up we were on fire. what i was disappointed about was that there was not live coverage up such a big meet i thought it was bordering on disgraceful and even if they wanted to broadcast news them coulda show a delayed broadcast after

  5. Minnie…I understand that TVJ was to do a live broadcast and then ticket sales began to fall, so TVJ then said they would do a delayed broadcast (which came on last night) and they sales went back up. I don’t know if that is really true but that is what I was told.

  6. Hewie I was there and yes I ahve to agree with u SAF did nothing She just jogged. I dont think we should ever give her anchor…no ever. She needs to start rde relay for us. VCB should anchor. I beleive if she was there de results would have been different. From what i saw dat Saturday afternoon at Penns Shelly does not know how to collect baton but to pass. Am sure if we had VCB and SherryAnn Brooks the results would definitely be different Sherone and Shelly did nothing for the team and Simone diod all she could but did not make up the staagger at de start. Next time it should be SAF to, SherryAnn Brooks to Kerron to VCB and trust me we would have won. Not to take anything from the US womens team. That was some great baton passing up until the final leg.

  7. @ JamFlBoi, i have to disagree with you a lot. The race was lost from the first leg. Ms Facey did not ran period! when Kerron got the baton she was a little jaded because of her earlier duties on the medley. However being the fighter that she is the race was kept close and Sherone’s leg was poorly ran so by the time Shelly got the baton Carmelita was speeding away. We all know with all that raw speed and technique no one was going to catch her not even Shelly-ann. It a bit preposterous to blame her. Blame the selectors. personally, i believe Carrie Russell would have done better on the first change off.

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