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Coach spoils Paralympian’s Tokyo quest and future

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Deborah W. Jackson

Release Date: 8.2.21

Durham, North Carolina, August 2021 – One Coach single-handedly destroys 21-year-old Desmond Jackson’s chances of making it to the games in Tokyo. He would have been a 2x Paralympian had he gone in a few days as he went to Rio at 16 years old. 

Just before his long jump at the Paralympic Trials in Minneapolis, MN, his coach (Jamaal Daniels – Raleigh, NC) instructed him to take two pills which he told him were for muscle recovery. He assured Desmond that the supplement was perfectly natural and safe to take.

The pills were DHEA (a banned substance by the United States Anti-Doping Association). This same coach also instructed Desmond to run in his long jump blade vs. his sprinting blade which has never happened. As a result of making this last-minute change before the 100m, Desmond ran a time that he last ran in middle school. And, he was favored to win his heat as he entered with the fastest time. 

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) contacted Desmond to inform him that an anabolic agent was detected in his system after being tested right after the long jump. Desmond had no idea what it was as he is a clean athlete who’s been tested countless times and never had a positive test.

As a result of this finding, Desmond had to withdraw from the games, but he’s also facing sanctions for trusting his Coach. Isn’t that what every athlete does…? 

This coach had been with him for 5.5 years, been like a father-figure, and attended church with him and more. Five+ years of training down the drain at the advice of the closest person to an athlete…his coach!

His future in track and field is uncertain at this time as his legal battle continues, but Desmond desperately wants to speak his truth to clear his name and let others know how this can happen to anyone. 

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