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"I hope there will be a big crowd, because we are really going to make it a great show and a thrilling competition."

Says Adam Nelson, the American world champion, (2005), Olympic silver medalist, (2004) and title defender in DN Galan Big Shot that will take place in Kungsträdgården, in the centre of Stockholm,Thursday, July 30.

Rajne Söderberg, meeting director for DN Galan likes the idea of having the shot put competition outside Stockholm Olympic Stadium.

"Some events are difficult to follow in the Stadium because there are so many things going on at the same time. By having shot put in Kungsträdgården the event gets a totally different focus.

"The athletes are in the spotlight and the spectators can, free of charge, see the world’s best shot putters and even try for themselves. The competition is sanctioned by IAAF and the shot putters are taking the competition seriously."

Nelson won Big Shot last year with 20.75, but he knows he is up against a strong field.

"Not all meets have shot put, so we are very happy that DN Galan for the second year has invited some of the world’s best male and female shot putters. And to compete with the spectators so close makes it even more attractive," said Nelson.

Defending world champion Reese Hoffa, USA, is pumped up for his Big Shot debut.

"Adam told me how much fun Big Shot was, so I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation," says Reese. "The fact that we both like to clown about does not mean that we do not take the competition seriously. We have to do that because the field is very strong.

How about Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski, Poland and Dylan Armstrong, Canada who was fourth in Beijing 2008?

Women’s shot put looks like it will be a great fight between Germany’s Nadine Kleinert, who was silver medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games and her compatriot Denise Hinrichs, second at the World Junior Championships 2006.

But do not count out Cleopatra Borel-Brown, Trinidad and this years’ American champion Michelle Carter.

What can Sweden’s Helena Engman do?

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