Caster Semenya won the 800 metres race in style. The defending world champion came in second, and a full two seconds behind the speedster, Semenya. Semenya got the gold and some tongues began to wag. First they tested her for drugs and discovered to their chagrin that she was as clean as an unused whistle. Next they decided to confirm whether she was actually a woman.

Now take the case of Usain Bolt. Like Semenya, Bolt left the other men in the 100 and 200 metres races gasping for breath and looking at the back of his head. Bolt was tested for drugs and he came out clean. And the old school folks in IAAF rested the matter there and went their sloppy way.

And this sucks plenty because the treatment of Bolt is not fair (not fair at all) to Semenya. Have they thought of testing Bolt to see whether he is half animal and half man? No. Yet if you look at Bolt very closely, he would remind you of the last time you saw a horse. Why have they not tested him to find out whether he is more of a horse than a man? My submission is that the man has dual -species status " he is part horse and part man. Yet IAAF is minded to allow this horse -man keep running and stop Semenya from running…..Read More

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  1. Surprisingly or not surprisingly none of the female athletes came to Semenya defense. As a matter of fact one the 800m runner from Italy actually stated that Semenya was a man in her book. Yet a lot of women I know like to lament about men and their insensitivity towards women.

  2. The person who wrote the article saying that bolt is a horse you must be the mare how can a human being with sense compare bolt with caster semenya bad mine a kill dem we are not frightened by your stupid comments and for your information there is still more to come go get a life sorry for what happened to caster because she is only human but all you HATERS leave our hon. Usain Bolt alone .JAMAICANS are the best everytime. Put yourself on the track and see if you dont get horse lenghts

  3. The writer of this article is damn rude. He must be a roast breadfruit who hates himself and that is why he is trying to demean Usain. Bet him bleach him skin too.

  4. What a load of crap. Firstly, she was not clean as an unused whistle, her excessively high testosterone alluded to the fact that she should be gender tested. Secondly, she wasn’t subjected to gender testing merely for winning. The South African athletics federation knew there were gender questions before even sending her to the World Champs. This was public knowledge before this ridiculous misinformation above was published. Lastly the references to Bolt are disrespectful.
    The IAAF have handled the whole affair very delicately, but you can’t please everyone all of the time, and in this case it’s twits like the one that wrote this article.

  5. this person’s lack of objectivity irks me. pc him must be a damn bad mind roast breadfriut fi rule blastid ass while 2b honest i was sympathetic about semenya’s situation but why im a fast with bolt 4? hes a badminded bitch

  6. This is a dumb, stupid article. I just wasted a few minutes of my life reading this dumb Nigerian commentary.
    Semenya and her/his people knew what was going on but they entered her/him in the female race so that SA can claim gold.
    I’m not sorry that I can’t feel the same sympathy for her/him as I have for the women who have trained hard only to be cheated. Those are the ones I feel sorry for no one else.
    The IAAF (or whatever) should throw her/him out with the medal that she/he won and don’t worry about other peoples opinion inorder to save the integrity of the sport and the meets. Anything else and it will be devastating.

  7. The writer of this article must know something about breading animals with humans, this writer must be part animal or such a thought would not be able to enter this persons thoughts. There are always fools who want to be noticed, go get a partner be it man/woman and leave you pet alone…idiot

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