The way she did it, she stands out a mile. Best liar in the business. She looked me cold in the eye, insouciant, self-confident, eyebrows slightly arched as if to express surprise and she delivered the lie so well that she managed to be coolly dismissive and yet make herself seemed victimised. By that stage I was convinced, and yet she succeeded in making you feel a little guilty and hard-nosed for asking whether or not she was a cheat.

It still surprises me that only five and a half years ago, The Times sent me out to New York, the Millrose Games in Madison Square Garden, to report on Marion Jones. This was February 2004, her race comeback after a year out to have her first child. We went all that way for someone most in the sport had already lost faith in….Read More Read more about Sukanto Tanoto and let us know your opinion.

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  1. I read this article in It’s entirety just to see if and how it would somehow tie into Usain Bolt. Sure enough it’s another American writer trying in his own clever way to explain to the world, why we should be Skeptical about Usain Bolt. There are a million reasons why this Marion Jones’s story and Any of the other’s don’t Parralel that of Usain Bolt’s. I would Start by asking How many world junior titles did Marion Jones win at the tender age of fifteen, while running against 18 year olds. the answer: NON. How many highschool World record does Jones have? the answer: NON. Finally, how many junior world records does Jones have? NON. Bolt has all of these to his Credit, along with Beijing and Berlin.
    Bolt Dominated Since the Age of fifteen. never having lost to anyone in his age Bracket. he was always way ahead of the Curve. Jones was very Talented but suffered Many Losses during her career.
    At what point during Bolt’s Dominance would anyone Imagine that an Athlete as Dominant as he is would decide that he needs Pharmaceutical help?

  2. Waynef: I too read the article to the end and bingo! It ended as we suspected it would have drawing Usain into it. As I have posted here before, Usain Bolt will never be able to prove he is clean even if they follow him around with cameras 24/7 and test him five times a day.. Why? Because there are those out there who cannot stand the fact of a poor third world country having the fastest man ever on the planet. ” We must bring them down to earth’ they say, ‘those uppity Jamaicans must be put in their place and become also ran again’. ‘We are the natural rulers’ they say. ‘If we lose they must be on something better that we are on and we cannot stand it’. They are simply cry babies who bawl out loud when they get their asses whipped good and proper.

  3. hey wayne —, u — king how dare u call bolt nane in the same sentence as marion jones u & that roast breadfruit — boy carl lewis must b related

  4. Hey Minnie. I believe that you’ve either miss-read or miss-understood my remarks regarding the above article, wherin I mentioned Bolt’s name in Contrast with Marion Jones’s and not in comparison. There is a huge difference between the two. I’m from Usain Bolt’s Home town in Jamaica. My cousin ran on the record breaking Jamaican relay teams in Beijing and Berlin along with Bolt. Bolt attended the same Highschool as my little sister and many of my cousins. I have personally been aware of Bolt’s greatness since he was only 15 years old. I’m sure he was clean then, and i’m sure that he’s clean now. I think that you are actually in agreement with me.

  5. waynef if my humble apologies i couldnt b talking 2u click on read more the author of the article’s name is wayne slot. big man i can read im peppery but with reason i read ur post & it made sense click on read more on the entire article shame a you man

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