It has been the favourite parlour game of the track and field world these past few weeks after Usain Bolt added world championship domination to his Olympic exploits, continuing to smash world records and push our understanding of how fast a human being can run.

Is Usain Bolt the greatest of all time and is he greater than Carl Lewis?

Bolt says he wants to be the best ever; the man he must overtake to get there is Lewis. So what, says Tom Tellez, the legendary coach who guided Lewis to nine Olympic gold medals?

”I think it’s hard to go past Carl really, as someone who dominated the sport for 18 years and had so much versatility,” he said. ”Carl didn’t run for times, that’s not how we coached him. He was a competitor and he ran to beat the man, not the clock. It’s what we always focused on.”

”I definitely know Carl could have run faster if he was just sprinting,” he says. ”The way he combined sprinting and long jump, I don’t think we’ll see anyone do that again in a hurry. You’d think it would happen more often, you need great speed for long jump, but most coaches now don’t want their sprinters jumping; they worry about injuries……Read More


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  1. This is a lame comparison. Car Lewis admitted to failing DRUG TESTS,then ask who cares ? So we should simply accept the fact that MR LEWIS is just as Marion Jones! Until Usain steps down in class ti join the RANKS of the CHEATS there is DEFINITELY NO COMPARISON between USAIN BOLT and CARL LEWIS

  2. Nobody Compares to Bolt. If Mr.Lewis was a Sprinter in todays times He would have Dominated Carl in Any event that Carl chooses, even Long Jump, so long as Bolt Decides that he wants to long jump. Tyson Gay is a far more talented Sprinter than Carl, and he’s never failed a drug test. I know that everyone makes mistakes, but three failed tests in one season prior to the 88 olympics is not a mistake. that is deliberate and it’s also cheating. far as i’m concerned Carl Lewis does not deserve the medals he won in the 1988 Olympics because he cheated his way to those medals. just as Gatlin, Crawford and another athlete that shall remain nameless at this time, cheated Asafa out of medaling at 2004 Olympics. Its amazing to me that some people know the facts but still want to accept it. why would anyone compare a known cheater to to a true champion is beyond me. Carl Ran 9.79 twice in his entire Career. wind aided both times.

  3. usain & that cheating f a g got cannot be called in the same sentence why dont they wake up and stop being so bad mind. although iv lost respect 4 the one gay i rate him over dutty carl lewis. on top of being a poor sport he was also an in general

  4. It is the usual American arrogance. No matter what, we must be the best. Even thought Carl cheated and was a whiner, always finding excuses for defeat, he must remain the best at all cost.

    I remember an excuse in Brazil when he got beaten – he said it was cold and raining, as if it wasn’t cold and raining in all the lanes, just in his. What a whiner.

    I guess Tom Tellez is oblivious to the fact that his boy was a cheat.! And we only know of the times he was caught.

  5. “Carl didn’t run for times, that’s not how we coached him. He was a competitor and he ran to beat the man, not the clock.”

    Usain Bolt is a competitor too. There is just nobody that can compete at his level at the moment so he only has himself and the clock to beat.
    What do you advise Tellez? Maybe Bolt should slow down and wait for the others to catch up….. but then he will be accused of showboating.

  6. Carl Lewis’s former coach is a comedian. He seems to take his own American people for idiots. Athletes Train for the soul purpose of being the best they can be. not just for times, not just for wins. what proof does he have that Bolt trains for times and not for wins anyway? I think he looked at the stats and came to the realization that bolt has already slaughtered Carls records on the basis of time, so in order to save what little dignity that Carl may have left, if any. He tries to make an argument that their is some chance that Bolt might not catch carl lewis’s records in terms of medals. unfortunately for him Bolt is already off to a grea start. Carl set 2 individual world records, in his 18 yr career as a pro. one in Long jump, the other in 100m. Bolt has already set 5 individual world records in only his 5 years as a Pro. I need say no more. get real.

  7. You are the typical American.Sometimes i really feel sorry for you guys.At least you were smart enough not to imply that Usain does drugs. On that topic would,nt it be great if a poor third world country could produce drugs incapable of being detected by the GREAT Americans, if we can we should be complimented.

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