Pippi Lotta Enok of Estonia and Oklahoma wins the heptathlon

The following are the final standings for the Men’s Decathlon and Women’s Heptathlon at the 2023 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, which concluded in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night (10). Texas’ Leo Neugebauer tallied 8,836 points to break the decathlon collegiate record, while Pippi Lotta Enok finished with 6,165 points in the heptathlon to record a new Oklahoma school record.

In the men’s decathlon, Neugebauer improved on his second place finish from last year and broke a 39-year Germany national record. The six-time All-American set personal bests in seven of 10 events in the competition.

The all-time men’s best decathlon score is held by Kevin Mayer of France with 9126 points, set in 2018.

Leo Neugebauer wins Texas Relays 2022 Decathlon

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Oklahoma’s Pippi Lotta Enok who is from Estonia, won the women’s Heptathlon title with school record total of 6165pts. The 2021 World U20 silver medalist became the first Sooner to win a multis gold at the NCAA Outdoor National Championships.

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The top three finishers were international athletes as Lithuania’s Beatrice Juskeviciute, who represents Vanderbilt, also set personal best with 6117pts form second place, while Latvia’s Kristine Blazevica, representing Texas, scored 6058pts for the bronze medal. Allie Jones of USC and the US was fourth with 6052pts.

American Jackie Joyner-Kersee holds the all-time women’s best heptathlon score with 7291pts, set in Seoul, back in 1988.

Men’s Decathlon Final:

  1. Leo Neugebauer (GER) 8836pts
  2. Kyle Garland (USA) 8630
  3. Austin West (USA) 8054
  4. Till Steinforth (GER) 7991
  5. Heath Baldwin (USA) 7919
  6. Yariel Soto (PUR) 7917
  7. Jack Turner (GBR) 7851
  8. Barton Ben (USA) 7815
  9. Grant Levesque (USA) 7739
  10. Daniel Spejcher (USA) 7688
  11. Peyton Bair (USA) 7653
  12. Joseph Keys (USA) 7646
  13. Ollie Thorner (GBR) 7641
  14. Rafael Raap (NED) 7607
  15. Ryan Talbot (USA) 7488
  16. Aiden Ouimet (USA) 7468
  17. Kristo Simulask (EST) 7410
  18. Joel McFarlane (GBR) 7311
  19. Alexander Jung (GER) 6817
  20. Tayton Klein (USA) 6753
  21. Marcus Weaver (USA) 4222
    DNF. Paul Kallenberg (GER)
    DNF. Hakim McMorris (USA)
    DNF. John Murray (USA)

Women’s Heptathlon Final:

  1. Pippi Lotta Enok (EST) 6165pts
  2. Beatričė Juskeviciūtė (LTU) 6117
  3. Kristīne Blaževiča (LAT) 6058
  4. Allie Jones (USA) 6052
  5. Jenelle Rogers (USA) 6018
  6. Joniar Thomas (GRN) 5967
  7. Jadin O’Brien (USA) 5940
  8. Camryn Newton-Smith (AUS) 5887
  9. Urtė Bačianskaitė (LTU) 5790
  10. Avery McMullen (USA) 5752
  11. Jenna Fee Feyerabend (GER) 5742
  12. Alaina Brady (USA) 5739
  13. Bailey Golden (USA) 5656
  14. Angel Richmore (SWE) 5636
  15. Kristen O’Handley (CAN) 5598
  16. Timara Chapman (USA) 5576
  17. Taylor Chocek (USA) 5540
  18. Izzy Goudros (CAN) 5460
  19. Elise Hoel Ulseth (NOR) 5274
  20. Tionna Tobias (USA) 5269
  21. Alix Still (GBR) 4488
    DNF. Sterling Lester (USA)
    DNF. Jada Sims (USA)
    DNF. Ida Eikeng (NOR)

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