christian pacheco of peru wins the men's pan american games marathon gold medal

SANTIAGO, Chile (Oct. 22) — Despite less-than-ideal conditions, Cristhian Simeon Pacheco of Peru emerged as the unchallenged winner of the men’s marathon at the 2023 Pan American Games on Sunday morning. The 30-year-old, who also claimed the title in 2019, finished in 2:11:14, securing the gold medal with a 53-second lead.

Chile’s Hugo Edgardo Catrileo, the home favorite, clinched the silver medal with a time of 2:12:07, setting a new personal best. The bronze went to another Peruvian, Luis Fernando Ostos Cruz, who also set a personal best with a time of 2:12:34.

The top four spots were dominated by runners from Peru and Chile, with Matias Andres Silva of Chile finishing fourth in a personal best time of 2:14:16.

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Cheered on by several fans on the streets, including chanters voicing –Peru, Peru, Peru — as he head towards to the finish, Pacheco maintained his mid-race advantage to win a second Pan American Games marathon title.

cristhian simeon pacheco wins pan american games 2023 men marathon
Cristhian Simeon Pacheco wins Pan American Games 2023 men’s marathon

A Tough Day for the USA

Turner Wiley of the USA, who initially ran with the lead pack, fell significantly behind, finishing more than nine minutes after Pacheco.

Wiley, who placed 18th in the 2023 Boston Marathon and holds a personal best of 2:11:59, clocked in at 2:20:25, landing him in ninth place.


  • Cristhian Simeon Pacheco wins gold with a time of 2:11:14.
  • Hugo Edgardo Catrileo and Luis Fernando Ostos Cruz secure silver and bronze, both setting personal bests.
  • Top four spots dominated by Peru and Chile.
  • Turner Wiley of the USA finishes ninth, well off his personal best.

Men’s marathon 2023 Pan American Games Results and Records

  1. PACHECO Cristhian Simeon (PER) – 2:11:14
  2. CATRILEO Hugo Edgardo (CHI) – 2:12:07, Behind: 0:53, PB
  3. OSTOS Luis Fernando (PER) – 2:12:34, Behind: 1:20, PB
  4. SILVA Matías Andrés (CHI) – 2:14:16, Behind: 3:02, PB
  5. DE OLIVEIRA Johnatas (BRA) – 2:14:51, Behind: 3:37
  6. PAULA Paulo Roberto (BRA) – 2:15:20, Behind: 4:06
  7. ABREU Alvaro Luis (DOM) – 2:15:27, Behind: 4:13
  8. CASTILLO Patricio (MEX) – 2:20:06, Behind: 8:52
  9. WILEY Turner (USA) – 2:20:25, Behind: 9:11, SB
  10. AYALA Derlys (PAR) – 2:22:29, Behind: 11:15
  11. FLORES Hesiquio (MEX) – 2:26:20, Behind: 15:06


  • GOMEZ Pedro Luis (ARG)
  • CUESTAS Ronal Nicolas (URU)
  • ZAMORA Ernesto Andres (URU)

Additional Records

  • World Record: 2:01:39 by KYPCHOGUE Eliud (KEN)
  • Panamerican Record: 2:09:31 by PACHECO MENDOZA Cristhian (PER)
  • American Record: 2:04:51 by DO NASCIMENTO Daniel (BRA)

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