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Results-Grovdal and Ingebrigtsen dominate at 2022 European Cross Country Championships

Norway's Grovdal and Ingebrigtsen took the top honors again at 2022 European Cross Country Championships, while Charles Hicks and Nadia Battocletti repeated as U23 champions.

Karoline Bjerkli Grovdal wins the 2022 European Cross Country Championships
Karoline Bjerkli Grovdal celebrates winning the 2022 European Cross Country Championships. Photo by European Athletics

TURIN, Italy —— The following are the results and recap as Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Karoline Bjerkli Grovdal won the 2022 European Cross Country Championships, while the championships also featured victories by Charles Hicks of Great Britain and Nadia Battocletti of Italy in the U23 races.

Grovdal and Ingebrigtsen take top honors at 2022 European Cross Country Championships

In the men’s senior 10k race, Norways’s Ingebrigtsen posted a time of 29:33 to ease to victory. Finishing behind Ingebrigtsen was Great Britain’s Emile Cairess, who won the silver medal with a time of 29:42, while Belgium’s former U23 winner Isaac Kimeli had to settle for the bronze medal in 29:45.

“I tried to relax during the race,” Ingebrigtsen told reporters. “I knew 10 kilometres was a long race for me so I knew I had to save my energy and do a good race in total. I tried to come out strong on the home straight so I could be first on the hills, and if they passed me maybe we could be on top together near the castle.

“It was a tough race overall, but in the last couple of weeks I have been doing some really good training.”

On the women’s side, Grovdal and Konstanze Klosterhalfen featured in an exciting head-to-head battle heading into the latter part of the contest before the Norwegian pulled away from Germany’s European 5000m champion with about 250m left to secure back-to-back titles at the European Cross Country Championships with a time of 26:25.

Klosterhalfen followed home next at 26:29 with her German teammates Alina Reh and Hanna Klein a distant third and fourth in 27:19 and 27:19, respectively. Read More: Men’s team scores and results – 2022 NCAA DI Cross Country Championships

Meanwhile, Hicks continued his impressive postseason form on the European cross country circuit, after he put in a commanding performance to defend his U23 men’s crown –winning with a time of 23:40. He had a brief one-on-one dual with teammate Zakariya Mahamed (23:48) before pulling away and sprinted home.

Nadia Battocletti landed the title in the women’s U23 race, handing the host nation a win en route to also defending her age group title.

2022 European Cross Country Championships Results

Men’s Cross Country Senior Race

  1. Jakob INGEBRIGTSEN NOR 29:33:00
  2. Emile CAIRESS GBR 29:42:00
  3. Isaac KIMELI BEL 29:45:00
  4. Yemaneberhan CRIPPA ITA 29:47:00
  5. Filimon ABRAHAM GER 29:49:00
  6. Bastien AUGUSTO FRA 29:52:00
  7. Yann SCHRUB FRA 29:52:00
  8. Yohanes CHIAPPINELLI ITA 30:03:00
  9. Mohamed KATIR ESP 30:06:00
  10. Abdessamad OUKHELFEN ESP 30:08:00
  11. Morhad AMDOUNI FRA 30:12:00
  12. Mahamed MAHAMED GBR 30:18:00
  13. Osama ZOGHLAMI ITA 30:20:00
  14. John HEYMANS BEL 30:21:00
  15. Peter LYNCH IRL 30:23:00
  16. Davor Aaron BIENENFELD GER 30:25:00
  17. Carlos MAYO ESP 30:27:00
  18. Roberto ALAIZ ESP 30:30:00
  19. Michael SOMERS BEL 30:32:00
  20. Valentin GONDOUIN FRA 30:36:00

Women’s Cross Country Senior Race

  1. Karoline Bjerkeli GRØVDAL NOR 26:25:00
  2. Konstanze KLOSTERHALFEN GER 26:29:00
  3. Alina REH GER 27:19:00
  4. Hanna KLEIN GER 27:19:00
  5. Selamawit TEFERI ISR 27:20:00
  6. Miriam DATTKE GER 27:22:00
  7. Samrawit MENGSTEAB SWE 27:27:00
  8. Jessica WARNER-JUDD GBR 27:27:00
  9. Abbie DONNELLY GBR 27:28:00
  10. Veerle BAKKER NED 27:34:00
  11. Eilish FLANAGAN IRL 27:38:00
  12. Roisin FLANAGAN IRL 27:38:00
  13. Poppy TANK GBR 27:44:00
  14. Jessica GIBBON GBR 27:44:00
  15. Irene SÁNCHEZ-ESCRIBANO ESP 27:46:00
  16. Marie BOUCHARD FRA 27:49:00
  17. Águeda MARQUÉS ESP 27:56:00
  18. Silke JONKMAN NED 27:58:00
  19. Sarah LAHTI SWE 28:05:00
  20. Caterina GRANZ GER 28:10:00

Women’s Cross Country U23 Race

  1. Nadia BATTOCLETTI ITA 19:55
  2. Megan KEITH GBR 20:08
  3. Alexandra MILLARD GBR 20:27
  4. Amina MAATOUG NED 20:33
  5. Grace CARSON GBR 20:35
  6. Manon TRAPP FRA 20:42
  7. Carmen RIAÑO ESP 20:43
  8. Nathalie BLOMQVIST FIN 20:53
  9. Mariana MACHADO POR 20:56
  10. Andrea ROMERO ESP 20:58

Men’s Cross Country U23 Race

  1. Charles HICKS GBR 23:40
  2. Zakariya MAHAMED GBR 23:48
  3. Valentin BRESC FRA 23:58
  4. Etienne DAGUINOS FRA 24:04:00
  5. Efrem GIDEY IRL 24:05:00
  6. Adisu GUADIA ISR 24:06:00
  7. Antoine SENARD FRA 24:10:00
  8. Matthew STONIER GBR 24:11:00
  9. Keelan KILREHILL IRL 24:13:00
  10. Magnus Tuv MYHRE NOR 24:14:00

Women’s Cross Country U20 Race

  1. Maria FORERO ESP 13:04
  2. Ingeborg ØSTGÅRD NOR 13:07
  3. Ilona MONONEN FIN 13:08
  4. Innes FITZGERALD GBR 13:15
  5. Jane BUCKLEY IRL 13:22
  6. Kira WEIS GER 13:32
  7. Ayça FIDANOĞLU TUR 13:37
  8. Edibe YAĞIZ TUR 13:38
  9. Iraia MENDIA ESP 13:38
  10. Pelinsu ŞAHIN TUR 13:43

Men’s Cross Country U20 Race

  1. Will BARNICOAT GBR 17:40
  2. Nicholas GRIGGS IRL 17:41
  3. Dean CASEY IRL 17:46
  4. Sam MILLS GBR 17:54
  5. Luke BIRDSEYE GBR 17:56
  6. Jaime MIGALLON ESP 18:06
  7. Esten Hansen-Møllerud HAUEN NOR 18:07
  8. Mario MONREAL ESP 18:09
  9. Edward BIRD GBR 18:09
  10. Ismail TAŞYÜREK TUR 18:10

For complete results click here

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