gudaf tsegay wins 2023 ethiopian 10,000m trials

Gudaf Tsegay and Berihu Aregawi delivered exceptional performances in the Ethiopian World Championships 10,000m Trials at the Estadio Enrique Lopez Cuenca in Nerja, Spain on Friday (23). Tsegay dominated the women’s race, crossing the finish line in an impressive time of 29:29.73, while Aregawi emerged victorious in his battle against Olympic champion Selemon Barega, recording a time of 26:50.66.

Gudaf Tsegay Dominates Women’s 10,000m

In the women’s race, Tsegay, skillfully paced by two pacemakers, maintained a strong position within a pack of six women for over 14 minutes before breaking away and securing both the national title and her place on the world championship team headed to Budapest in August.

gudaf tsegay dominates 2023 ethiopian 10,000m trials
Gudaf Tsegay dominates 2023 ethiopian 10,000m trials

Tsegay’s winning time not only secured her the national title but also surpassed the previous world-leading time of 29:37.80, established by Dutch Olympic champion Sifan Hassan earlier this month in Hengelo.

Joining Tsegay on the Ethiopian team for the world championships are Ejgayehu Taye, who finished second with a personal best time of 29:57.45, and Lemlem Hailu, who claimed third place with a time of 29:59.15.

These three athletes will join defending champion Letesenbet Gidey in representing Ethiopia at the 2023 world championships.

Berihu Aregawi Outsprinted Selemon Barega For Men’s Title

On the men’s side, Berihu Aregawi delivered a world-leading performance, clocking an impressive time of 26:50.66 to secure the national title and surpass the previous best time of 27:06.37 set by the USA’s Woody Kincaid in March 2023.

berihu aregawi wins 2023 ethiopian 10,000m trials
Berihu Aregawi wins 2023 Ethiopian 10,000m Trials

Olympic champion Selemon Barega put up a fierce fight against Aregawi but fell short in the final 100 meters, finishing in second place with a time of 26:51.87. Yismaw Dilu claimed third place with a time of 27:08.85.

The qualifying standard for the men’s 10,000m event at the 2023 World Athletics Championships is 27:10.00, while the women’s qualifying time is set at 30:40.00.

Below are the complete results for the 10,000m races at the Ethiopian World Championships 10,000m Trials

Men’s 10,000m results:

  1. Berihu Aregawi – Ethiopia – 26:50.66
  2. Selemon Barega – Ethiopia – 26:51.87
  3. Yismaw Dilu – Ethiopia – 27:08.85
  4. Tadase Worku – Ethiopia – 27:11.26
  5. Gemechu Dida – Ethiopia – 27:23.96
  6. Boki Diriba – Ethiopia – 27:30.46
  7. Hailemariyem Amare – Ethiopia – 27:32.47
  8. Dawit Dolde – Ethiopia – 27:48.66
  9. Chimdessa Debele – Ethiopia – 27:55.30
  10. Workihem Tadase – Ethiopia – 28:39.63

The Women’s 10,000m results:

  1. Gudaf Tsegay – Ethiopia – 29:29.73
  2. Ejgayehu Taye – Ethiopia – 29:57.45
  3. Lemlem Hailu – Ethiopia – 29:59.15
  4. Mizan Alemet – Ethiopia – 30:01.35
  5. Girmawit Gebrzihair – Ethiopia – 30:23.69
  6. Bosena Mulatie – Ethiopia – 30:39.60
  7. Fotyen Tesfaye – Ethiopia – 30:49.48
  8. Senaye Getachew – Ethiopia – 30:59.39
  9. Zeinaba Yimer – Ethiopia – 31:18.96

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