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Faith Kipyegon now leads Sifan Hassan in head-to-head 1500m clashes

Faith Kipyegon and Sifan Hassan in Tokyo 2020

What is the head-to-head record between Sifan Hassan and Faith Kipyegon over 1500m after the latest clash in Japan?

After beating Sifan Hassan to the women’s 1500m Olympic Games title in Tokyo, Faith Kipyegon now leads her Dutch track rival 8-6 in their head-to-head matchup over the discipline.

Hassan entered the Olympics aiming to square her battles at seven wins apiece over Kipyegon in the 1500m, but the world champion was no match for her Kenyan contender who retained her Olympic title in glorious fashion.

The Dutch legend led early in the race, but Kipyegon kept in close contact. The pair matched strides for almost 1300m before Kipyegon made her move with close to 200m left in the race.

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The 27-year-old who won the gold medal at Rio 2016 paced away from a tired-looking Hassan on the final bend and then powered home to an Olympic record of 3:53.11, breaking the previous Games record by 0.85 seconds.

Hassan who was denied her dream of winning an unprecedented Olympic treble ended up third in 3:55.86 with Britain’s Laura Muir getting the silver in a national record of 3:54.50.

With that victory, Kipyegon managed to secure back-to-back wins over the Dutchwoman after also topping the Doha 2019 world champion at the Monaco Diamond League meeting in July.

Prior to that meeting in France, the two distant queens were locked at six wins apiece in their head-to-head encounters after Hassan defeated Kipyegon in their first clash of the season at the 41st edition of the Golden Gala Diamond League meeting in Rome, Italy, on June 10.

Below is their most updated record – provided by popular stats website tilastopaja

Faith Kipyegon vs Sifan Hassan 1500m head to head record

 Athletes:Faith Kipyegon KEN Sifan Hassan NED 
Pre Eugene OR31.05.2014 3:58.01 (3)3:59.38 (5)
Areva Saint-Denis05.07.2014 3:59.21 (4)3:57.00 (1)
Athletissima Lausanne09.07.2015 4:03.38 (2)4:02.36 (1)
WC Beijing25.08.2015 4:08.96 (2)4:09.34 (3)
OG Rio de Janeiro16.08.2016 4:08.92 (1)4:11.23 (5)
Meet Paris Saint-Denis27.08.2016 3:56.72 (2)3:57.13 (3)
WK Zürich01.09.2016 4:01.86 (7)3:58.43 (3)
Meet Paris Paris01.07.2017 3:57.51 (2)3:57.10 (1)
WC London07.08.2017 4:02.59 (1)4:03.34 (5)
VD Bruxelles01.09.2017 3:57.04 (1)3:57.22 (2)
WC Doha05.10.2019 3:54.22 (2)3:51.95 (1)
GGala Firenze10.06.2021 3:53.91 (2)3:53.63 (1)
Herc Monaco09.07.2021 3:51.07 (1)3:53.60 (2)
OG Tokyo06.08.2021 3:53.11 (1)3:55.86 (3)
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