Scania Zwolse Half-Marathon 2022 results; wins for Haftu, Muneria

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By David Monti, @d9monti
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Following are the results from the Scania Zwolse Half-Marathon 2022, which took place on Saturday (11). The course is not part of the World Athletics list of certified courses.

The women’s race was taken by Higisti Haftu of Ethiopia with Charles Yosei Muneria of Kenya securing the top spot in the men’s contest. Both winners came within a few seconds of the current course records.

William Wanjiku of Kenya holds the men’s course record with 1:00:24, set in 2019, while the women standing mark is 1:08:22 and owns by another Kenyan runner, Flomena Chepchirchir from 2011.

Below are the final results along with other details from the compilers.

Scania Zwolse Half-Marathon (20th)
Zwolle, NED; Saturday, June 11
Distance: 21.1 km, near-loop course in central Zwolle (course not included on World Athletics list of certified courses)
Finishers: 3377 (down from 4429 in 2019 when the race was last held)
Course Records: Men, 1:00:24, William Wanjiku (KEN), 2019; Women, 1:08:22, Flomena Chepchirchir (KEN), 2011
NOTE: Both the men’s and women’s winners, Higisti Haftu of Ethiopia and Charles Yosei Muneria of Kenya, came within a few seconds of the standing course records –Ed.

Scania Zwolse Half-Marathon 2022 Results

WOMEN (gun times) –

  1. Nigisti Haftu, ETH, 1:08:36
  2. Viola Chepngeno, KEN, 1:10:11
  3. Gladys Jerono, KEN, 1:11:30
  4. Janet Ruguru, KEN, 1:11:31
  5. Ruth Van Der Meijden, NED, 1:16:20

MEN (gun times) –

  1. Charles Yosei Muneria, KEN, 1:00:28
  2. Isaac Kipkemboi, KEN, 1:00:30
  3. Edmond Kipngetich, KEN, 1:00:39
  4. Ashenafi Kiros, ETH, 1:00:56
  5. Mouhcine Outalha, MAR, 1:02:12
  6. Moses Kemei, KEN, 1:02:12
  7. Daniel Kiprotich, KEN, 1:02:16
  8. Noah Kigen, KEN, 1:02:18
  9. Richard Mengich, KEN, 1:02:23
  10. Nicholas Chelule, KEN, 1:02:25
  11. Levi Kiprotich, KEN, 1:02:38
  12. Enos Kakopil, LEN, 1:02:41
  13. Afewerki Berhane, ETH, 1:03:55

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