Complete World Athletics Championships 2022 schedule and event times

The complete World Athletics Championships 2022 schedule for the event that takes place from 15-24 July at the historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.


The World Athletics Championships 2022 will run from 15-24 July at the historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, and here is the complete day-by-day schedule for the 10-day event. Click here for more information about the championships.

Oregon22 will begin on Friday (15) with several field event competitions, including the men’s high jump, which will feature the joint Olympic gold medalists, while the first track event will be the mixed 4x400m relay heats. Read more: USA names strong World Athletics Championships team for Oregon22

The schedule below is listed in the Eastern Time zone which is 3 hours ahead of the local time Pacific Time zone in Oregon. Please note that the schedule below is subject to changes so continue to visit our website for our daily order of event schedules, which will cater to any late or sudden adjustments.

Notably, the women’s marathon will take place on day three in the early morning with the local start time set for 6:15 am PT / 9:15 am ET, while the men’s marathon will take place at the same time on the following day.

Three of the 10 days at the World Athletics Championships 2022 will only have evening sessions while the championships will close out on Saturday, 25 July with the 4x400m relay races, and they are slated to take place at 7:35 pm local time / 10:35 ET and 9:50 local time / 10:50 ET.

World Athletics Championships 2022 Schedule 

DAY 1 July 15 Morning Session

12:05MHammer ThrowQualification – Group A
1:10MHigh JumpQualification
1:30MHammer ThrowQualification – Group B
2:45X4×400 Metres RelayHeats
3:05WHammer ThrowQualification – Group A
3:30M100 MetresPreliminary Round
4:10W20 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
4:30WHammer ThrowQualification – Group B
6:10M20 Kilometres Race WalkFinal

DAY 1 July 15 Afternoon Session

8:05WShot PutQualification
8:15M3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
8:20WPole VaultQualification
9:00MLong JumpQualification
9:10W1500 MetresHeats
9:50M100 MetresHeats
9:55MShot PutQualification
10:50X4×400 Metres RelayFinal

DAY 2 July 16 Morning Session

1:30 pmWTriple JumpQualification
1:35W3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
2:10WHigh JumpQualification
2:25M110 Metres HurdlesHeats
3:00MHammer ThrowFinal
3:20W10,000 MetresFinal
4:20M400 Metres HurdlesHeats

DAY 2 July 16 Afternoon Session

8:10 pmW100 MetresHeats
9:00M100 MetresSemi-Final
9:20MLong JumpFinal
9:25WShot PutFinal
9:30M1500 MetresHeats
10:05W1500 MetresSemi-Final
10:50M100 MetresFinal

DAY 3 July 17 Morning Session

9:15 amMMarathonFinal
1:35 pmW100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlon
2:05M400 MetresHeats
2:35WHigh JumpHeptathlon
2:35WHammer ThrowFinal
3:00W400 MetresHeats
4:00M10,000 MetresFinal
4:45WShot PutHeptathlon

DAY 3 July 17 Afternoon Session

8:05 pmM110 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
8:05MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group A
8:25WPole VaultFinal
8:33W100 MetresSemi-Final
9:03M400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
9:27MShot PutFinal
9:30MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group B
9:38W200 MetresHeptathlon
10:00M1500 MetresSemi-Final
10:30M110 Metres HurdlesFinal
10:50W100 MetresFinal

DAY 4 Jul y 18 Morning Session

9:15 amWMarathonFinal
12:35 pmWLong JumpHeptathlon
1:55WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group A
3:05WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group B

DAY 4 Jul y 18 Afternoon Session

8:05 pmM200 MetresHeats
8:10WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group A
8:45MHigh JumpFinal
9:00W200 MetresHeats
9:20WTriple JumpFinal
9:35WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group B
9:55W800 MetresHeptathlon
10:20M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal
10:50W1500 MetresFinal

DAY 5 July 19 Afternoon Session

8:15 pmW400 Metres HurdlesHeats
8:40WHigh JumpFinal
9:05W200 MetresSemi-Final
9:33MDiscus ThrowFinal
9:50M200 MetresSemi-Final
10:30M1500 MetresFinal
10:50M400 Metres HurdlesFinal

DAY 6 July 20 Afternoon Session

6:20 pmWJavelin ThrowQualification – Group A
7:25W5000 MetresHeats
7:50WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group B
8:20M800 MetresHeats
9:15W400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
9:30WDiscus ThrowFinal
9:45W400 MetresSemi-Final
10:15M400 MetresSemi-Final
10:45W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal

DAY 7 July 21 Afternoon Session

8:05 pmMJavelin ThrowQualification – Group A
8:10W800 MetresHeats
9:10M5000 MetresHeats
9:20MTriple JumpQualification
9:35MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group B
10:00M800 MetresSemi-Final
10:35W200 MetresFinal
10:50M200 MetresFinal

DAY 8 July 22 Morning Session

9:15 amW35 Kilometres Race WalkFinal

DAY 8 July 22 Afternoon Session

8:05 pmMPole VaultQualification
8:40W4×100 Metres RelayHeats
9:05M4×100 Metres RelayHeats
9:20WJavelin ThrowFinal
9:35W800 MetresSemi-Final
10:15W400 MetresFinal
10:35M400 MetresFinal
10:50W400 Metres HurdlesFinal

DAY 9 July 23 Morning Session

12:50 pmM100 MetresDecathlon
1:40MLong JumpDecathlon
2:20W100 Metres HurdlesHeats
3:00WLong JumpQualification
3:10MShot PutDecathlon

DAY 9 July 23 Afternoon Session

7:10 pmMHigh JumpDecathlon
8:10W4×400 Metres RelayHeats
8:40M4×400 Metres RelayHeats
9:00MTriple JumpFinal
9:10M800 MetresFinal
9:25W5000 MetresFinal
9:35MJavelin ThrowFinal
9:55M400 MetresDecathlon
10:30W4×100 Metres RelayFinal
10:50M4×100 Metres RelayFinal

DAY 10 July 24 Morning Session

9:15 amM35 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
12:35 pmM110 Metres HurdlesDecathlon
1:30MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group A
2:40MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group B
3:15MPole VaultDecathlon – Group A
4:15MPole VaultDecathlon – Group B

DAY 10 July 24 Afternoon Session

8:05 pmW100 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
8:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon – Group A
8:25MPole VaultFinal
8:50WLong JumpFinal
9:05M5000 MetresFinal
9:10MJavelin ThrowDecathlon – Group B
9:35W800 MetresFinal
10:00W100 Metres HurdlesFinal
10:20M1500 MetresDecathlon
10:35M4×400 Metres RelayFinal
10:50W4×400 Metres RelayFinal
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