European Athletics Championships Munich 2022 women's marathon Start list

The following is the European Athletics Championships Munich 2022 women’s marathon start list for Day 1 on Monday, 15 August. The race will get underway at 10:30 am local time or 4:30 am ET in the United States and you can watch all the live streaming action on



The dedicated channel for the women’s marathon on is Channel 2 and you can find all the details by clicking here. Please also find all the television channels here: How to watch and follow the European Athletics Championships Munich 2022?

Volha Mazuronak of Belarus won the title last year ahead of Clémence Calvin of France and another runner from Belarus, Maryna Damantsevich.

However, no Belarusian athletes will feature in the 63-runner field, which means that a new champion will be crowned.

In fact, none of the podium finishers from the European Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2018 are returning for this year’s championship.

Among the leading podium contenders for this year’s title are Nienke Brinkman of The Netherlands, Germany’s Miriam Dattke and Domenika Mayer, and Marta Galimany of Spain.

The field will also include several runners who will be running their marathon in 2022, including Tokyo Olympic 12th place finisher Fabienne Schlumpf of Switzerland and Ireland’s Fionnuala McCormack who was a top 25 finisher in Sapporo last summer. She is also a two-time European cross country champion.

European Athletics Championships Munich 2022 women’s marathon Start list

Country | Name | Personal Best | Season Best
BEL GORISSEN Mieke 2:28:31 2:31:06
BEL VERBRUGGEN Hanne 2:29:14 2:29:54
BEL VERHOEVEN Astrid 2:31:39 2:31:39
GBR BRIGGS Becky 2:29:06 2:29:06
GBR EDWARDS Rosie 2:31:56
GBR MITCHELL Naomi 2:30:54 2:30:54
GBR WRIGHT Alice 2:29:08 2:29:08
ITA EPIS Giovanna 2:25:20
ITA INCERTI Anna 2:25:32 2:36:23
SWE ELOFSSON Camilla 2:35:09 2:35:09
SWE MUSTONEN Sanna 2:35:17
SWE LINDHOLM Hanna 2:28:59 2:32:08
CZE HROCHOVÁ Tereza 2:29:06 2:30:39
CZE JOGLOVÁ Marcela 2:28:16 2:39:23
CZE STEWARTOVÁ Moira 2:29:28
FIN CHYDENIUS Nina 2:32:48 2:32:48
FIN KIEKARA Annemari 2:39:46 2:39:46
FIN MIETTINEN Suvi 2:40:33
FIN VAINIO Alisa 2:29:56 2:29:56
HUN ERDÉLYI Zsófia 2:35:37 2:40:54
HUN SZABÓ Nóra 2:31:08
IRL COOKE Aoife 2:28:36
IRL MCCORMACK Fionnuala 2:23:58
IRL MCGLYNN Ann-Marie 2:29:34
NOR EPLAND Pernille Eugenie 2:38:51 2:38:51
NOR FALCH Runa Skrove 2:33:52 2:33:53
NOR WÅGAN Maria Sagnes 2:35:34
POL JACKIEWICZ Monika 2:29:51 2:29:51
POL JANKOWSKA Katarzyna 2:27:07
POL LISOWSKA Aleksandra 2:26:08
POL MACH Angelika 2:27:48
POL PASZKIEWICZ Izabela 2:27:41
POR CUNHA Susana 2:30:54 2:30:54
POR JESUS Solange 2:29:04 2:29:04
POR MOREIRA Sara 2:24:49
UKR GAMERA Tetyana 2:28:14
UKR KALIUZHNA Viktoriia 2:27:05
UKR NEMCHENKO Marina 2:35:31
UKR PROKOFYEVA Yevheniya 2:28:06
BUL MIRCHEVA Militsa 2:29:23 2:29:23
BUL NINEVA Marinela 2:44:43
ESP GALIMANY Marta 2:27:08 2:27:53
ESP LOYO Elena 2:28:25
ESP MÉNDEZ Laura 2:29:28
ESP PELAYO Irene 2:29:16
GER DATTKE Miriam 2:26:50 2:26:50
GER HENDEL Kristina 2:27:29 2:27:29
GER MAYER Domenika 2:26:50 2:26:50
GER SCHÖNEBORN Deborah 2:26:55 2:29:51
GER SCHÖNEBORN Rabea 2:27:03 2:27:35
GER STEINRUCK Katharina 2:25:59
NED BRINKMAN Nienke 2:22:51 2:22:51
NED HOLTERMAN Jill 2:28:18
NED UMMELS Bo 2:31:51
CRO PARLOV KOŠTRO Matea 2:28:39 2:28:39
CRO ŠTEFULJ Ana 2:36:28
DEN EHRENREICH Karen 2:43:21 2:43:21
FRA JULIEN Mélody 2:31:39 2:31:39
MDA FISIKOVICI Lilia 2:27:26 2:40:35
SUI SCHLUMPF Fabienne 2:26:14
ISR TIYOURI Maor 2:29:04 2:31:54
LTU KANČYTĖ Loreta 2:30:48

European Athletics Championships Munich 2022 women's marathon Start list

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