2023 Harry Jerome Track Classic live streaming

The 2023 Harry Jerome Track Classic – World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze meeting – will be streamed live from Vancouver, Canada, on Friday, July 14, and you can watch the broadcast via AthleticsCanada.tv, starting at 6:50 p.m. ET. – Read more: Asian Athletics Championships latest track and field results: Day 3

However, all the live-streaming coverage and on-demand videos will only be available for AthleticsCanada.tv +PLUS subscribers, so if you are not already a subscriber, please click here to sign up today! Watch on-demand videos here.

Schedule and Event List – Here

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As usual, the live streaming broadcast of the 2023 Harry Jerome Track Classic will be focused mainly on running events. However, field events competition will be shown during the stream as the schedule allows, but will not replace running events.

The organizers have also revealed that there will be no live coverage of those two events because the Discus and Hammer Throw contests are at a different location. There will be results provided at the end of the meeting when available.

Canada’s World Championships Hammer Thrower silver medalist Camryn Rogers and Commonwealth Games champion Sarah Mitton, who will compete in the women’s Shot Put, are the featured local favorites set to compete today.

Other notable athletes down to showcase their talents at the Harry Jerome Track Classic are USA’s Maia McCoy, who will race in the women’s 100m, and Taylor Manson and Courtney Okolo, who will compete in the women’s 400m, while Barbados’ Shane Brathwaite will contest the men’s 110m hurdles.

2023 Harry Jerome Track Classic Full Schedule

39th Vancouver Sun Harry Jerome International Track Classic on June 14, 2022, with the times converted from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Eastern Time (ET) in the USA:

  • 3:30 PM ET: Implement weigh-ins (Closes at 7 PM)
  • 5:00 PM ET: Meet Start
  • 5:00 PM ET: C Javelin International (Field, W/M)
  • 6:44 PM ET: C Para WC 100m (Track, W/M)
  • 6:51 PM ET: W 100m Heat 1 (Track, Women)
  • 6:57 PM ET: W 100m Heat 2 (Track, Women)
  • 7:03 PM ET: W 100m Heat 3 (Track, Women)
  • 7:09 PM ET: M 100m Heat 1 (Track, Men)
  • 7:14 PM ET: W Discus Throw Premium (Field, Women)
  • 7:17 PM ET: M 100m Heat 2 (Track, Men)
  • 7:22 PM ET: M High Jump International (Field, Men)
  • 7:24 PM ET: M 100m Heat 3 (Track, Men)
  • 7:30 PM ET: M 100m Heat 4 (Track, Men)
  • 7:38 PM ET: M 1500m National D (Track, Men)
  • 7:46 PM ET: M 1500m National C (Track, Men)
  • 7:53 PM ET: W 1500m National C (Track, Women)
  • 8:03 PM ET: M 800m National D (Track, Men)
  • 8:08 PM ET: M 800m National C (Track, Men)
  • 8:14 PM ET: W 800m National C (Track, Women)
  • 8:19 PM ET: M 800m National B (Track, Men)
  • 8:25 PM ET: W 800m National B (Track, Women)
  • 8:29 PM ET: Opening Ceremonies (Other)
  • 8:39 PM ET: X 4x400m (Track, Mixed)
  • 8:46 PM ET: M Hammer Throw Premium (Field, Men)
  • 8:58 PM ET: W 100mH Premium (Track, Women)
  • 9:02 PM ET: Tribute to Brian McCalder (Other)
  • 9:14 PM ET: M 110mH International (Track, Men)
  • 9:22 PM ET: W 1500m National B (Track, Women)
  • 9:29 PM ET: M 1500m National B (Track, Men)
  • 9:37 PM ET: W Shot Put Premium (Field, Women)
  • 9:39 PM ET: SO W 100m (Track, Women)
  • 9:43 PM ET: SO M 100m (Track, Men)
  • 9:48 PM ET: W 100m Final Premium (Track, Women)
  • 9:54 PM ET: M 100m Final Premium (Track, Men)
  • 10:05 PM ET: M 400mH International (Track, Men)
  • 10:14 PM ET: C Para WC 200m (Track, W/M)
  • 10:22 PM ET: M 800m Premium (Track, Men)
  • 10:28 PM ET: W 800m Premium (Track, Women)
  • 10:34 PM ET: M 400m National (Track, Men)
  • 10:40 PM ET: W Hammer Throw Premium (Field, Women)
  • 10:42 PM ET: W 400m National (Track, Women)
  • 10:48 PM ET: M 400m International (Track, Men)
  • 10:53 PM ET: W 400m International (Track, Women)
  • 11:04 PM ET: W 3000m SC Premium (Track, Women)
  • 11:19 PM ET: G 2012 4x100m (Track, Girls 2012 or younger)
  • 11:23 PM ET: B 2012 4x100m (Track, Boys 2012 or younger)
  • 11:26 PM ET: G 2010 4x100m (Track, Girls 2010 or younger)
  • 11:30 PM ET: B 2010 4x100m (Track, Boys 2010 or younger)
  • 11:37 PM ET: M 200m International (Track, Men)
  • 11:42 PM ET: W 5000m International (Track, Women)
  • 12:04 AM ET: W 1500m Premium (Track, Women)
  • 12:13 AM ET: M 1500m Premium (Track, Men)
  • 12:19 AM ET: Meet Close (Other)

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