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Results, team scores: Adams State dominates 30th Annual Joe I. Vigil

Adams State dominates 30th Annual Joe I Vigil results and team scores

ALAMOSA, Colo. (Sept. 9) — Host Adams State dominated the 30th Annual Joe I. Vigil Meet 2023, held at the Cattails Golf Course on Saturday, scoring fewer than 20 points on both sides of the competition to win the women’s and men’s respective team titles in the program’s season opener today.

Led by Brianna Robles, who clocked 16:53.02 to win the women’s 5k race today, Adams State easily secured the women’s team title, scoring 17 points after sweeping the top three places in the race.

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In addition to dominating the event with a total of 17 points, Adams State also posted an average time of 17:22.29 in the victory. Fort Lewis and Trinidad State followed with 55 and 73 points, respectively.

Ava O’Connor (17:04.55) and Emily Schoellkopf (17:28.69) contributed for the Grizzlies, with Tristian Spence (17:41.27) taking fifth and Morgan Hykes (17:43.91) grabbing sixth place to round out the scorers today.

Alliyah Molina of Trinidad State, who finished in fourth place with a time of 17:34.36, was the only non-Adams State finisher in the top nine of the women’s race.

Meanwhile, Awet Beraki from Adams State led the way in the men’s race, finishing in 23:56.61. Adams State runners dominated the event, claiming most of the top spots, with eight of the top 10 finishers hailing from the host school.

Adams State scored 19 points to comfortably win the men’s team title.

Women’s 5K Run at the 30th Joe I. Vigil Open

WOMEN’S 5K RUN – 1. Brianna Robles (Adams State), 16:53.02; 2. Ava O’Connor (Adams State), 17:04.55; 3. Emily Schoellkopf (Adams State), 17:28.69; 4. Alliyah Molina (Trinidad State), 17:34.36; 5. Tristian Spence (Adams State), 17:41.27; 6. Morgan Hykes (Adams State), 17:43.91; 7. Fiona Hawkins (Adams State), 17:48.00; 8. Vienna Lahner (Adams State), 17:49.98; 9. Elena Carey (Adams State), 17:51.67; 10. Precious Robinson (Unattached), 17:52.26; 11. Maggie McCleskey (Adams State), 17:55.24; 12. Rachel O’Brien (Adams State), 17:59.88; 13. Linda Weigang (Fort Lewis), 18:01.95; 14. Nicole Lawrence (Adams State), 18:14.73; 15. Amalia Dorion (Adams State), 18:39.75; 16. Lauren Murphey (Adams State), 18:56.86; 17. Lieke Hoogsteen (Adams State), 18:59.97; 18. Reina Paredes (Adams State), 19:03.59; 19. Erin Stonebarger (Adams State), 19:08.95; 20. Haley Harkrider (Adams State), 19:28.59.

Women’s 5K Run Team Scores

RankTeamTotal PointsAverage Time
1Adams State1717:22.29
2Fort Lewis5519:33.26
3Trinidad State7322:03.48

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Men’s 8K Run at the 30th Joe I. Vigil Open

MEN’S 8K RUN – 1. Awet Beraki (Adams State), 23:56.61; 2. Kidus Misgina (Trinidad State), 24:31.01; 3. Yonas Haile (Adams State), 24:33.46; 4. Dayton Brown (Adams State), 24:45.85; 5. Mikah Paiz (Adams State), 24:49.99; 6. Elijah De La Cerda (Adams State), 24:51.68; 7. James Dunne (Adams State), 24:53.00; 8. David Cardenas (Adams State), 24:54.40; 9. Micah Swann (Adams State), 24:58.30; 10. Vincent Kipchirchir (Trinidad State), 25:14.42; 11. Hanibal Haile (Trinidad State), 25:22.47; 12. Kidus Begashaw (Adams State), 25:23.19; 13. Kameron Eustace (Trinidad State), 25:29.02; 14. Daniel Recio (Trinidad State), 25:33.20; 15. Brady Burrough (Fort Lewis), 25:34.38; 16. Kristoffer Mugrage (Unattached), 25:38.74; 17. Kailer Smith (Adams State), 25:39.19; 18. Andrew O’Keefe (Adams State), 25:43.37; 19. Carmelo Corral (Adams State), 25:51.41; 20. TJ Frueh (Unattached), 25:54.83.

Men’s 8K Run Team Scores

RankTeamTotal PointsAverage Time
1Adams State1924:35.52
2Trinidad State4425:14.03
3Fort Lewis8326:37.89

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