BERLIN — IAAF, the world governing body of track and field is expected is set to change its false-start rule this week to penalize any runner who jumps the gun.

However, the new rule, which will likely be approved by the IAAF’s rule-making Congress on Wednesday, would not apply to the upcomint World Championships which begin in Berlin on Saturday.

“You had people cheating and playing tricks,” IAAF spokesman Nick Davies said.

Currently, only the second false start results in a disqualification for the guilty runner, regardless of who caused the first one.

Some athletes deliberately committed a false start, knowing they wouldn’t be punished if it was the first one. These also often delayed the often-crowded programs of big meetings and created awkward dead time during live TV.

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  1. It’s all about T.V.!….Since we have become so accurate in all things human, we know that everyone who false starts intended to cheat. Heaven forbid that those at the stadium sit a few minutes more, have another bag of pop corn, enjoy the atmosphere…no, have to keep T.V. on time…announcers and colour men won’t know what to say to fill dead time…. What a sad state of affairs!!

  2. Jesus has already paid for our wrong, so why suffer for someone elses mistake. Is it that human should be so perfect that a person is not entitle to a mistake. Then computer should not have “backspace” Yes it’s a fact that sponsors and tv rights play an important part in sports as regards to revenue. However, no man or business is bigger than the sport itself, so the time factor because of to many false start don’t compute. EACH ATHLETE SHOULD BE ALLOWED ONE FALSE START.

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