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In the top section of the Women’s Overall Rankings Jamaican experienced sprint hurdler Brigitte Foster-Hylton, the surprised world champion from the Berlin championships last month and American two-time world 100m bronze medallist Carmelita Jeter, have moved up several positions.

There were also notable moves for Barbadian world 110m hurdles champion Ryan Brathwaite, who jumped to no.1 in his event, as well as Kenya’s Alfred Kirwa Yego, who is now the new leader in the 800m Rankings

* World Rankings:

o The latest Rankings were published on 9 September.
o Some changes in the top section of the Overall Rankings:

Men: Paul Kipsiele Koech (KEN) 10 –> 8
Richard Mateelong (KEN) 35 –> 12
Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) 28 –> 12

Women: Brigitte Ann Foster-Hylton (JAM) 10 –> 5
Carmelita Jeter (USA) 17 –> 10
o New leaders in the Event Rankings:

Alfred Kirwa Yego (KEN) – Men’s 800m
Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) – Men’s 110m Hurdles

* Countries Rankings:

Men’s Overall Rankings:
1. USA
2. Kenya
3. Great Britain
4. Russia
5. France

Women’s Overall Rankings:
1. USA
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. Great Britain
5. Jamaica
Countries Rankings are available in all events
* Competition Rankings:
o 2009 Top 5 (category: Invitational/One-day competitions):

1. Zürich Weltklasse

2. Roma Golden Gala

3. Monaco Herculis

4. Bruxelles Memorial Van Damme

5. Eugene Prefontaine Classic

Competition Rankings are published in 12 categories

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