Watch Day 4 at the European Athletics Championships 2022

The following are the start lists, event times, and order of events on Day 4 at the 2022 European Athletics Championships here at Munich Olympic Stadium in Germany on Thursday (18). Read more: How to watch and follow the European Athletics Championships Munich 2022?

Fans can watch live streaming coverage of the fourth day for free on YouTube with live radio and blog updates will also be available worldwide. It’s been an absolute thrilling three days so far and I am excited to see what the next four days have to offer.

Live coverage on Thursday will begin at 3:00 am ET with the women’s Javelin Throw qualification rounds, while the women’s 3000m steeplechase heats will take place at 3:20 am, followed by the resumption of the women’s Heptathlon competition at 3:25 am. Watch HERE!


There are six gold medals up for grab on Day 4, including the women’s Long Jump, men’s 1500m, and the women’s 5000m.

Meanwhile, after winning the 400m gold medal and running a fantastic Dutch record of 49.44 seconds, Femke Bol will make a quick return to the track on Thursday when the World Championships silver medalist reports for the semi-finals of the women’s 400m hurdles.

Photo by Dominik Berchtold

2022 European Athletics Championships Day 4 order of events, start lists

Start Time
3:00OlympiastadionWomen’s Javelin Throw Qualification Group A
3:20OlympiastadionWomen’s 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 Heat 1/2
3:25OlympiastadionWomen’s Long Jump Group A Heptathlon
3:25OlympiastadionWomen’s Long Jump Group B Heptathlon
3:37OlympiastadionWomen’s 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 Heat 2/2
4:10OlympiastadionMen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 1/4
4:15OlympiastadionWomen’s Javelin Throw Qualification Group B
4:17OlympiastadionMen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 2/4
4:24OlympiastadionMen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 3/4
4:31OlympiastadionMen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 4/4
4:45OlympiastadionWomen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 1/4
4:50OlympiastadionMen’s Pole Vault Qualification Group A
4:50OlympiastadionMen’s Pole Vault Qualification Group B
4:52OlympiastadionWomen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 2/4
4:59OlympiastadionWomen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 3/4
5:06OlympiastadionWomen’s 800m Round 1 Heat 4/4
5:25OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 1/3
5:33OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 2/3
5:36OlympiastadionWomen’s Javelin Throw Group A Heptathlon
5:41OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 3/3
5:55OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 1/3
6:03OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 2/3
6:11OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 3/3
6:30OlympiastadionMen’s 200m Round 1 Heat 1/3
6:38OlympiastadionMen’s 200m Round 1 Heat 2/3
6:46OlympiastadionMen’s 200m Round 1 Heat 3/3
6:48OlympiastadionWomen’s Javelin Throw Group B Heptathlon
7:05OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Round 1 Heat 1/3
7:13OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Round 1 Heat 2/3
7:21OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Round 1 Heat 3/3
14:05OlympiastadionMen’s High Jump Final
14:10OlympiastadionMen’s Hammer Throw Final
14:13OlympiastadionMen’s 200m Semi-Final 1/3
14:21OlympiastadionMen’s 200m Semi-Final 2/3
14:29OlympiastadionMen’s 200m Semi-Final 3/3
14:37OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Semi-Final 1/3
14:45OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Semi-Final 2/3
14:53OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Semi-Final 3/3
14:58OlympiastadionWomen’s Long Jump Final
15:05OlympiastadionMen’s 1500m Final
15:25OlympiastadionWomen’s 5000m Final
15:55OlympiastadionWomen’s 800m Heptathlon

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