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Decathlon final points standings: 2023 Götzis Hypomeeting

The Decathlon final points standings at the 2023 Götzis Hypomeeting sees Canada's Pierce LePage beating Olympic champion Damian Warner, the 7-time winner.

Pierce LePage of Canada wins 2023 Götzis Hypomeeting decathlon
Pierce LePage of Canada wins 2023 Götzis Hypomeeting decathlon

Pierce LePage of Canada won the men’s decathlon at the 2023 Götzis Hypomeeting, defeating his teammate and seven-time winner Damian Warner with a world-leading score of 8700 points on the second and final day of competition on Sunday (28). The event was part of the World Athletics Combined Events Tour and took place in Götzis, Austria, from May 27 to 28.

Warner, the Olympic champion at Tokyo 2021, held an 18-point lead over LePage heading into the second day of the decathlon. However, LePage, the reigning silver medalist at the World Athletics Championships, gained control of the competition by nine points after the Discus Throw and maintained his advantage, ultimately winning by a margin of 81 points.

Warner finished in second place with a score of 8619, while Sander Skotheim of Norway, who was recognized as the Rookie of the Meeting in the men’s category, secured third place with a significant personal best score of 8590. Read more: Anna Hall moves to No. 5 all-time with 6988pts to win 2023 Götzis Hypomeeting

LePage established an insurmountable 206-point lead going into the final event, the 1,500 meters, and comfortably secured competition overall victory even though he ran the 15th best a time of the day at 4:45.74.

Despite Warner running nearly 20 seconds faster than LePage, recording a time of 4:26.16, his countryman’s overall performance was enough to secure the win.

Beyond the top three, notable performances were observed from Karel Tilga of Estonia, who finished fourth with a score of 8403 after winning the Multistars meeting last month, and Manuel Eitel of Germany, who closely followed in fifth place with a personal best score of 8351.

2023 Götzis Hypomeeting – Decathlon final points standings

  1. Pierce Lepage (Canada) – 8700 (WL)
  2. Damian Warner (Canada) – 8619 (SB)
  3. Sander Skotheim (Norway) – 8590 (PB)
  4. Karel Tilga (Estonia) – 8403
  5. Manuel Eitel (Germany) – 8351 (PB)
  6. Daniel Golubovic (Australia) – 8301 (SB)
  7. Lindon Victor (Grenada) – 8293 (SB)
  8. Makenson Gletty (France) – 8211 (PB)
  9. Kendrick Thompson (Bahamas) – 8182 (PB)
  10. Fredrik Samuelsson (Sweden) – 8178 (PB)
  11. Sven Roosen (Netherlands) – 8157 (PB)
  12. Jente Hauttekeete (Belgium) – 8075 (PB)
  13. Finley Gaio (Switzerland) – 8022 (PB)
  14. Cedric Dubler (Australia) – 8009 (SB)
  15. Marcel Meyer (Germany) – 7983 (PB)
  16. Ken Mullings (Bahamas) – 7983 (PB)
  17. Ondrej Kopecký (Czech Republic) – 7928 (SB)
  18. Pawel Wiesiolek (Poland) – 7872 (SB)
  19. Tim Nowak (Germany) – 7826
  20. Edgaras Benkunskas (Lithuania) – 7797 (SB)
  21. Yan C. Hernandez (Cuba) – 7492
  22. Aris-Nikolaos Peristeris (Greece) – 7305 (SB)
    DNF. Ashley Moloney (Australia) – 7289 (SB)
    DNF. Alexandros Spyridonidis (Greece) – 6310 (SB)
    DNF. Devon Williams (USA) – 7171
    DNF. Niels Pittomvils (Belgium) – 5685 (SB)
    DNF. Nathaniel Mechler (Canada) – 3139 (SB)
    DNF. Marcus Nilsson (Sweden) – 2265 (SB)
    DNF. Simon Ehammer (Switzerland) – 977 (SB)
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