Allie Ostrander in action during a training session - Three Corner Rock PCT 50K

Former Boise State and NCAA track and field standout Allie Ostrander finished second in the 2023 Three Corner Rock PCT 50K Ultra Marathon and first among the women competitors, following a four-month ban imposed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency in April. She trailed only Ari Klau in the overall standings.

The 26-year-old, a three-time NCAA steeplechase champion, had withdrawn from two Broken Arrow Skyrace events in Lake Tahoe, California, in June. She completed the challenging Three Corner Rock PCT 50K course on Saturday with a time of 4:43:51, well ahead of her closest competitor.

What is the Three Corner Rock PCT 50K? – Brief Details

The Three Corner Rock PCT 50K is a point-to-point race that starts at the Whistle Punk trailhead and ends in North Bonneville, Washington. The course is challenging, with varying terrain from soft forest floors to rocky creek beds. The number of athletes is capped at 100, according to the organizers.

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Allie Ostrander Addresses Four-Month Ban

In a video statement, Allie Ostrander said she received an email in late April informing her of a positive test for the banned substance canrenone, for which she had a prescription for acne medication.

The 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials steeplechase finalist, revealed that she accepted the ban but emphasized that she had never used performance-enhancing drugs to gain an unfair advantage. Watch the video below.

2023 Three Corner Rock PCT 50K Results

Women’s Race Results

Name City State Age Time
Allie Ostrander Seattle WA 26 4:43:51
Sarah Allaben Trout Lake WA 24 5:04:08
Julie Leasure Portland OR 52 6:25:40
Sophie Smith Portland OR 24 6:53:21
Kyra Evens Portland OR 38 7:12:26
Mara Horwitz Tacoma WA 37 8:13:21
Lauren Monteforte Temecula CA 32 8:49:54
Nancy Allin Washougal WA 63 9:06:59
Brittany Hill Lynden WA 35 9:28:23
Kaitie Sloan Beaverton OR 33 9:45:14

Men’s Race Results

Name City State Age Time
Ari Klau Seattle WA 26 4:29:57
Tim Evens Bend OR 44 5:15:24
Brock Hartman Seattle WA 35 5:16:04
Sam Corbett Livingston TX 50 5:16:47
Kaleb Pace Wilsonville OR 25 5:47:18
David Gissiner Portland OR 28 5:55:43
Randall Neish Seattle WA 25 6:02:49
Evan Price Vancouver WA 32 6:16:58
Zacharia Azar Portland OR 34 6:22:23
Stephan Mays Hillsboro OR 41 6:23:45
Seth Miller Tumwater WA 42 6:33:28
Michael Muelling Mountlake Terrace WA 39 6:41:51
Nicholas Thulin La Center WA 43 6:51:46
Martin Capeletto Hood River OR 40 6:57:09
Patrick Hiller Hood River OR 46 6:57:11
Paul Monteforte Portland OR 25 7:19:49
Nick Boswell Portland OR 36 7:22:09
Ryan Stewart Poulsbo WA 48 7:25:28
Allan Parker Portland OR 41 7:26:33
Michael Lerner Ridgefield WA 19 7:37:30
David Mcburney Richland WA 54 8:03:39
Troy Jones Yelm WA 32 8:04:13
Marcus Hoffman Houston TX 42 8:14:46
Nasir Ahmed Phoenix AZ 25 8:16:17
Caleb Armstrong Tacoma WA 29 8:42:46
Patrick Cook Sammamish WA 60 9:06:28
Kris Larson Seattle WA 51 9:18:56
Graham Hill Lynden WA 27 9:28:23
Caleb Markanen Vancouver WA 41 9:44:06
Beeone Baker Battleground WA 69 11:24:43
Del Scharffenberg Milwaukie OR 78 11:30:15

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