By Glen Andrews, World-Track

LONDON — American sprint champion Tyson Gay has revealed that he is now carrying an injury, following his 200 metres victory at the London Grand Prix on Saturday.

tysongayGay bolted home to 20.00seconds to win the half-lap comfortably, but admits after the race that he is again being bothered by a groin injury.

"The race went well, but I got a slight injury (to my groin)," Gay said.

"I didn’t get to warm up like I wanted to because of the situation but I don’t think about limping once the gun is shot, I just run. The way I slowed down it would definitely have been 19-something (seconds)."

"I’m feeling okay. I’ve been trying to keep under the radar, trying to get through this groin situation I have but I should be okay.

"My groin has been tight on me, I’m trying to take a little Advil (painkillers) to run through the pain. I’ve got to be tough about it. I don’t feel it when I run, it’s after.

"I’m just taking it one day at a time, it’s just frustrating," Gay added. "Any time a sprinter feels any type of nagging pain they get frustrated and the mind has to get strong again.

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  1. this might hamper his chances of beating bolt. i hope he recovers because i thought he had a serious shot at winning at least on gold in berlin.

  2. I think he will just concentrate on the 100 and drop the 200 from the WC in Berlin. I think he has a better chance of beating Bolt in that event than he does in the 200. Sounds like he has a sports hernia and the only way you can get rid of that is from surgery.

  3. I said it early in the season and I’ll say it again. Tyson Gay will injure himseld very badly in an effort to beat Usain Bolt, because he’s trying to push his body beyond its limit. It was that 9.77 he did in Athens the other day that did him in!

  4. Wow…I really wanted Gay to be at his best for the WC. It will be very hard to beat Bolt with a slight injury, as Bolt kinda drags you out and makes you do more than your body can sometimes take. It will be hard for Gay against Bolt. He should really focus on the 100M, if you tries to do the 200M then it will end in tragedy…
    Couple years ago Bolt went through major injury as well, its never easy for an athlete….I know Bolt would want to have the best field to race against…Hopefully he will rest and come good for the WC…I don’t want any excuses if he is fit….Bolt to the worl…..

  5. The best time Tyson can legally run to this point in his career is 9.77 . people should stop loking for anything more because he’s had many of chances to do more nad has not. There are 2 other athletes that have bettered tysons PB mark over and over again. Asafa Powell 9.74, and 9.72 and Usain Bolt 9.72, and 9.69. These are the men to beat if healthy. 9.77 is Tyson’s best legal time ever and he injures himself trying to go faster than that. Tyson’s situation is not very unusual. it’s extremely common for athletes to injure themselves repeatedly by pushing their bodies to the limits, especially in Track. It’s happened michael Johnson repeatedly, Asafa powell repeatedly, and even Usain Bolt. 9.77 may not be Tyson Gays limit but he keeps setting tghese astranomical times that he wants to run, and time deadlines by which he wants to achieve these marks by. Thats a dangerous way to go about improving ones performance. there are only so many days in a year and every time your body muscles are physically pushed to where they’ve never gone before the muscles need rest and recovery for a few days before they can do anything agin. Even light training can cause injury if muscles aren’t propperly recovered. bolt and Asafa have put in their time over the years. bolt Training hard since the age of 15 and asafa since the age of 18. anyone comming up now is simple gonna have to be patient and put in the time. at this stage of the game Asafa is still trying to push the limits with his body. he doesn’t go all out in these smaller meet races because he listens to his body and does not want to risk injury. He comes out of the blocks hard and shuts down at the first sign of pain or unusual stress. all to avoid injury. to the untrained eye Asafa loks like he’s giving up during his races if he’s not ahead but i see a very small and disciplined man who is not about to let anyone pushes him to his physical limits before his bodyn is healthy and ready. Tyson Gay comes out of the blocks and is determined to send a message to his counterparts and that is dangerous especially if your body is not quite ready for that. come Berlin Bolt will be 100% ready Asafa will be about 95 to 100% ready and Tyson Gay will be anyones guess. i predict Bolt Asafa and Gay 1,2 and 3 finishes in the 100m final, but that will of course depend on their health status. Jamaica will post a few more world records especially in the mens and womens 4x100m relays. if Tyson Gay beats Asafa Powell it will be because Asafa beats himself. if Asafa runs the 9.68 or 9.72 that he’s capable of even bolt will have problems. Gay will be nowher close because his best is 9.77.

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