By Glen Andrews, World-Track

LONDON — American sprint champion Tyson Gay has revealed that he is now carrying an injury, following his 200 metres victory at the London Grand Prix on Saturday.

tysongayGay bolted home to 20.00seconds to win the half-lap comfortably, but admits after the race that he is again being bothered by a groin injury.

"The race went well, but I got a slight injury (to my groin)," Gay said.

"I didn’t get to warm up like I wanted to because of the situation but I don’t think about limping once the gun is shot, I just run. The way I slowed down it would definitely have been 19-something (seconds)."

"I’m feeling okay. I’ve been trying to keep under the radar, trying to get through this groin situation I have but I should be okay.

"My groin has been tight on me, I’m trying to take a little Advil (painkillers) to run through the pain. I’ve got to be tough about it. I don’t feel it when I run, it’s after.

"I’m just taking it one day at a time, it’s just frustrating," Gay added. "Any time a sprinter feels any type of nagging pain they get frustrated and the mind has to get strong again.

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