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2023 Raleigh Relays women’s 10,000m results; record-breaking run by Allie Hays

Allie Hays was the undeniable star of the 2023 Raleigh Relays' women's 10,000 meters Invitational with her remarkable performance to shatter her personal best of 33:15.53 to set a new school record.

Miranda Mitchell

Allie Hays of NC States wins the 10,000m at the 2023 Raleigh Relays
Allie Hays of NC States wins the 10,000m at the 2023 Raleigh Relays

RALEIGH, N.C. (24 March 2023) – Allie Hays stole the show in the women’s 10,000 meters Invitational on Thursday, March 23, at the 2023 Raleigh Relays. Hays, representing NC State, set a new school record with a time of 32:21.13, beating her previous personal best of 33:15.53, which she set at the same event in 2022.

In addition to breaking the school record, Hays also set a new meeting record and facility record while bettering the previous collegiate 2023 best of 33:27.59. Read more: How to watch the 2023 NC State Raleigh Relays? | Follow more results here

Sam Nadel of the Athletic Club DC finished second with a personal best time of 32:28.87, while Eleanor Mancini of La Salle finished third with a personal best of 32:43.71. Hays’ NC State teammates, Kelsey Chmiel and Gionna Quarzo, took fourth and fifth place, respectively, with respective times of 32:55.19 and 33:06.47.

A total of 31 athletes competed in the race, with several setting new personal bests.

2023 Raleigh Relays women’s 10,000m results

  1. Alexandra Hays from NC State [SR] finished in 32:21.13, setting a personal best (PB), meet record (MR), and facility record (FR).
  2. Sam Nadel from Athletic Club DC finished in 32:28.87, setting a personal best (PB).
  3. Eleanor Mancini from La Salle [SR] finished in 32:43.71, setting a personal best (PB).
  4. Kelsey Chmiel from NC State [JR] finished in 32:55.19.
  5. Gionna Quarzo from NC State [JR] finished in 33:06.47, setting a personal best (PB).
  6. Ava Nuttall from Miami (OH) [JR] finished in 33:10.75, setting a personal best (PB).
  7. Brynn Brown from North Carolina [SO] finished in 33:13.74.
  8. Daisy Liljegren from Boston U. [SO] finished in 33:15.94.
  9. Louise Lounes from Charlotte [JR] finished in 33:16.30, setting a personal best (PB).
  10. Kenzie Doyle from UMass Lowell [SO] finished in 33:25.72, setting a personal best (PB).
  11. Daniella Santos from Ohio State [JR] finished in 33:33.47, setting a personal best (PB).
  12. Andrea Kuhn from Ohio State [JR] finished in 33:34.10, setting a personal best (PB).
  13. Makayla Perez from Western Michigan [JR] finished in 33:35.56, setting a personal best (PB).
  14. Lilly Tuck from Providence [JR] finished in 33:39.54, setting a personal best (PB).
  15. Kate Sanborn from the United States [SR] finished in 33:41.16.
  16. Liz Galarza from Georgia Tech [SR] finished in 33:48.01, setting a personal best (PB).
  17. Maeve Stiles from Penn [FR] finished in 33:49.19.
  18. Rachel McCardell from Northwestern [SR] finished in 33:52.32.
  19. Sadie Sigfstead from Villanova [SO] finished in 33:53.16.
  20. Rachel Sutliff from Tennessee [SO] finished in 33:54.26, setting a personal best (PB).
  21. Colbi Borland from Lipscomb [JR] finished in 34:12.68.
  22. Erin Strzelecki from Notre Dame [SO] finished in 34:14.22.
  23. Jone Zabaleta-Larranaga from Eastern Kentucky [SR] finished in 34:22.78.
  24. Ella Gilson from Harvard [SO] finished in 34:23.30.
  25. Fatima Alanis from North Carolina [JR] finished in 34:24.89.
  26. Lauren White from Pacers/GRC New Balance finished in 34:29.83.
  27. Ava Dobson from North Carolina [JR] finished in 34:35.39, setting a personal best (PB).
  28. Kalea Bartolotto from Northwestern [JR] finished in 34:36.51.
  29. Lindsey Ickes from High Point [SR] finished in 34:56.09.
  30. Katie Rose Blachowicz from Notre Dame [SR] finished in 35:07.92.
  31. Amanda Beach from Raleigh Distance Project finished in 35:10.94.

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