Allie Hays of NC States wins the 10,000m at the 2023 Raleigh Relays

RALEIGH, N.C. (24 March 2023) – Allie Hays stole the show in the women’s 10,000 meters Invitational on Thursday, March 23, at the 2023 Raleigh Relays. Hays, representing NC State, set a new school record with a time of 32:21.13, beating her previous personal best of 33:15.53, which she set at the same event in 2022.

In addition to breaking the school record, Hays also set a new meeting record and facility record while bettering the previous collegiate 2023 best of 33:27.59. Read more: How to watch the 2023 NC State Raleigh Relays? | Follow more results here

Sam Nadel of the Athletic Club DC finished second with a personal best time of 32:28.87, while Eleanor Mancini of La Salle finished third with a personal best of 32:43.71. Hays’ NC State teammates, Kelsey Chmiel and Gionna Quarzo, took fourth and fifth place, respectively, with respective times of 32:55.19 and 33:06.47.

A total of 31 athletes competed in the race, with several setting new personal bests.

2023 Raleigh Relays women’s 10,000m results

  1. Alexandra Hays from NC State [SR] finished in 32:21.13, setting a personal best (PB), meet record (MR), and facility record (FR).
  2. Sam Nadel from Athletic Club DC finished in 32:28.87, setting a personal best (PB).
  3. Eleanor Mancini from La Salle [SR] finished in 32:43.71, setting a personal best (PB).
  4. Kelsey Chmiel from NC State [JR] finished in 32:55.19.
  5. Gionna Quarzo from NC State [JR] finished in 33:06.47, setting a personal best (PB).
  6. Ava Nuttall from Miami (OH) [JR] finished in 33:10.75, setting a personal best (PB).
  7. Brynn Brown from North Carolina [SO] finished in 33:13.74.
  8. Daisy Liljegren from Boston U. [SO] finished in 33:15.94.
  9. Louise Lounes from Charlotte [JR] finished in 33:16.30, setting a personal best (PB).
  10. Kenzie Doyle from UMass Lowell [SO] finished in 33:25.72, setting a personal best (PB).
  11. Daniella Santos from Ohio State [JR] finished in 33:33.47, setting a personal best (PB).
  12. Andrea Kuhn from Ohio State [JR] finished in 33:34.10, setting a personal best (PB).
  13. Makayla Perez from Western Michigan [JR] finished in 33:35.56, setting a personal best (PB).
  14. Lilly Tuck from Providence [JR] finished in 33:39.54, setting a personal best (PB).
  15. Kate Sanborn from the United States [SR] finished in 33:41.16.
  16. Liz Galarza from Georgia Tech [SR] finished in 33:48.01, setting a personal best (PB).
  17. Maeve Stiles from Penn [FR] finished in 33:49.19.
  18. Rachel McCardell from Northwestern [SR] finished in 33:52.32.
  19. Sadie Sigfstead from Villanova [SO] finished in 33:53.16.
  20. Rachel Sutliff from Tennessee [SO] finished in 33:54.26, setting a personal best (PB).
  21. Colbi Borland from Lipscomb [JR] finished in 34:12.68.
  22. Erin Strzelecki from Notre Dame [SO] finished in 34:14.22.
  23. Jone Zabaleta-Larranaga from Eastern Kentucky [SR] finished in 34:22.78.
  24. Ella Gilson from Harvard [SO] finished in 34:23.30.
  25. Fatima Alanis from North Carolina [JR] finished in 34:24.89.
  26. Lauren White from Pacers/GRC New Balance finished in 34:29.83.
  27. Ava Dobson from North Carolina [JR] finished in 34:35.39, setting a personal best (PB).
  28. Kalea Bartolotto from Northwestern [JR] finished in 34:36.51.
  29. Lindsey Ickes from High Point [SR] finished in 34:56.09.
  30. Katie Rose Blachowicz from Notre Dame [SR] finished in 35:07.92.
  31. Amanda Beach from Raleigh Distance Project finished in 35:10.94.

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