Video of Usain Bolt speaking about running at the adidas Grand Prix in New York City on 12 June.

Bolt, the triple Olympic and World champion (100, 200, 4×100) and World record holder will race over the 100m dash in New York, and it will be his first competition in the United States since he set his first world record of 9.72seconds to break Asafa Powell’s previous mark at the same venue in 2008.

He went on to win three gold medals in three events with three world record at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

In 2009, the Jamaican outperformed the world as well as his own seemingly untouchable world marks with two more records (9.58 for 100m and 19.19 for 200m) at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin.

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By Gary Smith, World-Track Global

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  1. The Phenomenal Usain Bolt…. Honestly…..Can Any American Track & Field Athlete Be Described As Phenomenal Without Any Suspicion ?

  2. I like Bolt, he a cool dude. Unfortunately people are just as suspicious of Bolt as any American. Not fair, but its a reality!!!

  3. Mickey, don,t hide behind people and talk about.. people are suspicious of Bolt….you are suspicious of Bolt….but let me tell you something mister…suspecting Bolt is like your saying…you suspect alison felix… can any one suspect alison felix ?…she has never been in anything dirty….her name has never mention in any scandal what-so-ever….one of the cleanest american athlete and a true ambassador of the sport…{which is more than i can say for someso-call female track star} so please Mr, Mickey…don,t suspect LORD BOLT…he has done nothing to be suspicious about….besides….if you had wanted to suspect him { LORD BOLT} you should have done so a long time ago, when he was just a shy little country boy….though even then he was doing remarkable times.

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