The 2022 Beach Run Invitational will take place on Friday, 1 April, and Saturday, 2 April from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and you can watch all the live streaming coverage via You will require a RunnerSpace +PLUS subscription to watch the broadcast. Sign up here for RunnerSpace +PLUS. 

The webcast will begin at 3:00 pm ET on Friday, with Saturday’s schedule set for an 11:00 am ET start. In addition to the live streaming coverage, you can also watch all the on-demand videos at the conclusion of the meeting.

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The 2022 Beach Run Invitational will give fans the chance to see some of the best high school athletes from the east showcasing their talents.

As usual, the live streaming broadcast will be focused on running events, but fans can look out for some field events coverage, which will be shown when the schedule permits.

The 2022 Beach Run Invitational – Day 1 Schedule

Start TimeEventRoundStart List
2:00 PMBoys Long JumpFinalStart List
2:00 PMGirls Long JumpFinalStart List
2:00 PMGirls Shot PutFinalStart List
6:30 PMBoys Triple JumpFinalStart List
6:30 PMGirls Triple JumpFinalStart List
4:45 PMBoys Shot PutFinalStart List
3:00 PMGirls 4 x 800m RelayFinalStart List
3:15 PMBoys 4 x 800m RelayFinalStart List
3:40 PMGirls 100m HurdlesPrelimStart List
4:00 PMBoys 110m HurdlesPrelimStart List
4:20 PMGirls 100 MetersPrelimStart List
4:35 PMBoys 100 MetersPrelimStart List
5:00 PMGirls 4 x 200m RelayFinalStart List
5:15 PMBoys 4 x 200m RelayFinalStart List
5:30 PMGirls 800 MetersFinalStart List
5:50 PMBoys 800 MetersFinalStart List
6:15 PMGirls 200 MetersPrelimStart List
6:35 PMBoys 200 MetersPrelimStart List
7:00 PMGirls 3200 MetersFinalStart List
7:20 PMBoys 3200 MetersFinalStart List

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