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How to watch the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022?

You can watch live streaming coverage of the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022 on Sunday on YouTube for free with live results available too.

Watch the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022
The Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022 top athletes

VALENCIA —— The Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022 will take place on Sunday, 23 October, and you can watch live streaming coverage of the race on YouTube for free. Several top athletes were confirmed for the international elite races. This is part of the 2022 World Athletics Label Elite Road Races. Watch live on YouTube | Watch live on and Apuntmedia TV

Where To Watch The Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022?

What: 2022 Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich
Date: Sunday, October 23, (2:25 a.m. ET) in USA
Where: Valencia, Spain
How to watch: Live on YouTube visit the race website for results and more information

The men’s field includes Kenyans Kibiwott Kandie (57:32), Sebastian Sawe (58:02) and Daniel Mateiko (58:26) who will start as the pre-race favorites in the elite field. There are six athletes with personal bests under 59 minutes and a total of eleven athletes with best times under an hour set to line in the race on Sunday. Read Also: RESULTS – No. 5 Indiana Wesleyan wins NAIA Great Lakes Challenge 2022 men’s title, Jason Bowers sets course record

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, Kenyans Vicoty Chepngeno (1:05:03) and Margaret Chelimo (1:05:26), along with Ethiopian Hawi Feysa (1:05:41), will start as the favorites for the title this weekend with Bosena Mulatie (1:05:46) of Ethiopia also expected to challenge for the crown.

A total of eight athletes with lifetimes best under 67 minutes will start in the women’s race and although we may not see a world record, we could get some fast times in both the women’s and men’s race.

“World records cannot be achieved every year, and Valencia’s level featuring the world’s second best record for males and the WR for females means we should demand a lot but not pressure ourselves with new world records,” said Marc Roig, recruiter of the Valencia Half Marathon international elite.

“But I am convinced that the quality of the elite that will run this half-marathon will be news around the world again thanks to its high standards.”

Entry List Half Marathon Valencia 2022

0:57:32Kibiwott KandieKEN20.06.1996Valencia 2020
0:58:02Sebastian SaweKEN16.03.1995Roma 2022
0:58:26Daniel MateikoKEN04.08.1999Valencia 2021
0:58:28Kennedy KimutaiKEN03.06.1999Valencia 2021
0:58:30Rodgers KwemoiKEN03.03.1998Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) 2022
0:58:58Milkesa MengeshaETH16.04.2000Copenhage 2022
0:59:05Yomif KejelchaETH01.08.1997Valencia 2019
0:59:07Bernard NgenoKEN10.08.1996Valencia 2019
0:59:13Julien WandersSUI18.03.1996Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) 2019
0:59:36Alfred BarkachKEN02.03.1997Herzogenaurach (GER) 2022
0:59:38Ronald KiruiKEN06.12.1998Madrid 2021
1:00:00Callum HawkinsGBR22.06.1992Marugame (JPN) 2017
1:00:30Isaac KipkemboiKEN12.11.1994Venlo (NED) 2018
1:00:31Jake SmithGBR19.05.1998Gdynia (POL) 2020
1:00:37Edward CheserekKEN02.02.1994New York, NY (USA) 2022
1:00:44Kirubel ErassaUSA17.06.1993Houston, TX (USA) 2022
1:00:52Boniface KibiwottKEN04/06/1993København (DEN) 2022
1:00:57Weldon LangatKEN24.02.1998Praha (CZE) 2022
1:01:03Abbabiya SimbassaUSA30.06.1993Houston, TX (USA) 2022
1:01:16Emile CairessGBR27.12.1997Gent (BEL) 2022
1:01:32Carlos Díaz del RíoCHI09.07.1993Gdynia (POL) 2020
1:01:36Pietro RivaITA
1:01:38Benjamin FlanaganCAN11.01.1995Houston, TX (USA) 2022
1:01:40David NilssonSWE16.04.1987Gdynia (POL) 2020
1:01:51Paulos SurafelGBR12.01.1997Gent (BEL) 2022
1:02:04Jack RoweGBR
1:02:11Parker StinsonUSA03.03.1992Houston, TX (USA) 2019
1:02:15Abdi HakinDEN
1:02:16Edward GoddardAUS
1:02:14Cam LevinsCAN28.03.1989Houston, TX (USA) 2020
1:02:43Dieter KerstenBEL
1:02:53Emil Millán de la OlivaSWE24.07.2001Gdynia (POL) 2020
1:02:59Adam ClarkeGBR
DEBUTTadese WorkuETH20.01.200210K 26:56 Herzogenaurach (GER) 2021
DEBUTArnaud DelyBEL22.01.199710K 28:22 Valencia (ESP)
DEBUTLaban KiplimoKEN05.01.9310K 27:33 Praga (CZE)
1:05:03Vicoty ChepngenoKEN12.11.1993Houston, TX (USA) 2022
1:05:26Margaret ChelimoKEN09.02.1993Barcelona (ESP) 2022
1:05:41Hawi FeysaETH01.02.1999Copenhague (DEN) 2021
1:05:46Bosena MulatieETH21.11.2001Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) 2022
1:06:20Yasemin CanTUR11.12.1996Gdynia (POL) 2020
1:06:34Irine KimaisKEN10.10.1998Berlín (GER) 2022
1:06:35Tsigie GebreselamaETH30.09.2000Copenhague (DEN) 2022
1:06:37Magdalena ShauriTAN25.02.1996Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) 2020
1:07:10Purity KomenKEN01.05.1998Lille (FRA) 2022
1:08:12Samantha HarrisonGBR01.02.1995Berlín (GER) 2022
1:08:13Yuka AndoJPN16.03.1994Yamaguchi (JPN) 2022
1:08:17Vivian MellyKEN19.06.2002Herzogenaurach (GER) 2022
1:08:19Sarah LahtiSWE18.02.1995Valencia (ESP) 2021
1:09:15Agnes M. NgoloKEN24.10.1995Dar es-Salam (TAN) 2022
1:09:22Etagegne WolduETH10.05.1996Estambul (TUR) 2018
1:11:01Carolina WikströmSWE04.09.1993Paris (FRA) 2022
DEBUTKonstanze KlosterhalfenGER18.02.19975K 14:30 Boston (USA)
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