Drake Relays 2023 Day 3 Order of events Schedule and live streaming

The 2023 Drake Relays schedule of events on Friday’s third day of action on 28 April. Watch live streaming coverage of Day 3 on USATF.TV and you can follow the broadcast with a RunnerSpace +PLUS subscription. Read Also: Day 2: 2023 Penn Relays schedule of events; How to watch live?

Live broadcast will begin at 8:30 a.m. CT with the high school girls’ and boys’ sprint hurdles heats, followed by the heats of the 100m races before the collegiate 4x100m relay heats get going at 9:18 a.m. CT. The first final on the track on Day 3 will be the 800m medley event for girls at 9:49 a.m. and the 1600m medley for the boys at 10:03 a.m. Read more: How to watch the 2023 Drake Relays Live Streaming?

The 2023 Drake Relays schedule of events on Friday heats up in the evening session with events such as the collegiate 400m, starting at 5:26 p.m. CT, the Sprint Medley and 4x800m for college athletes, plus the 3000m Steeplechase race for the Elite women.

Check out the complete order of events on Day Three below:

The 2023 Drake Relays schedule of events – April 28

TimesEventsFriday, April 28, 2023
8:30 a.m.100m HurdlesHS, Girls, Prelim
8:44 a.m.110m HurdlesHS, Boys, Prelim
8:58 a.m.100mHS, Girls, Prelim
9:08 a.m.100mHS, Boys, Prelim
9:18 a.m.4x100mCD, Women, Prelim
9:34 a.m.4x100mCD, Men, Prelim
9:49 a.m.800m MedleyHS, Girls, Final
10:03 a.m.1600m MedleyHS, Boys, Final
10:22 a.m.800mMasters, Men/Women, Final
10:33 a.m.100mHHS, Girls, Final
10:38 a.m.110mHHS, Boys, Final
10:43 a.m.4x1600mUD/CD, Women, Final
11:00 a.m.Officials Break
11:44 p.m.400m WheelchairHS, Coed, Final
11:49 p.m.800m Wheelchair Paralympic, Women, Final
11:54 p.m.800m Wheelchair   Paralympic, Men, Final
11:59 a.m.4x1600mUD/CD, Men, Final
12:19 p.m.100m HurdlesUD/CD, Women, Prelim
12:33 p.m.110m HurdlesUD/CD, Men, Prelim
12:47 p.m.4x200mHS, Girls, Final
1:00 p.m.4x200mHS, Boys, Final
1:13 p.m.4x100mSpecial Olympics, Co-Ed, Final
1:23 p.m.4x100mUD, Women, Prelim
1:32 p.m.4x100mUD, Men, Prelim
1:41 p.m.800mHS, Girls, Final
1:48 p.m.800mHS, Boys, Final
1:57 p.m.400m HurdlesUD/CD, Women, Final
2:10 p.m.400m HurdlesUD/CS, Men, Final
2:23 p.m.100mHS, GIrls, Final
2:28 p.m.100mHS, Boys, Final
2:33 p.m.100mSpecial Olympics, Co-Ed, Final
2:41 p.m.100mUD/CD, Women, Prelim
2:52 p.m.100mUD/CD, Men, Prelim
3:03 p.m.4x400mCD, Women, Prelim
3:26 p.m.4x400mCD, Men, Prelim
3:49 p.m.Session Ends- Clear the Stadium
Field Events
8:30 a.m.DiscusHS, Boys, Final
8:30 a.m.Long JumpHS, Boys, Final
9:00 a.m.Shot PutHS, Girls, Final
9:30 a.m.High JumpHS, Girls, Final
10:15 a.m.Triple JumpUD/CD, Women, Final
11:00 a.m.DiscusUD/CD, Women, Final
11:15 a.m.Shot PutUD/CD, Men, Final
11:30 a.m.High JumpUD/CD, Men, Final
12:00 p.m.Triple Jump   UD/CD Invite, Women, Final
1:00 p.m.Pole VaultUD/CD, Women, Final
1:00 p.m.Triple JumpUD/CD, Men, Final
1:30 p.m.High JumpUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
1:45 p.m.Discus ThrowUD/CD, Men, Final
1:45 p.m.Shot PutUD/CD, Women, Final
2:30 p.m.Triple JumpUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
Friday Night at the Drake Relays
5:00 p.m.1600m MedleyMS, Girls, Final
5:07 p.m.1600m MedleyMS, Boys, Final
5:14 p.m.400mHS, Girls, Final
5:20 p.m.400mHS, Boys, Final
5:26 p.m.400mUD/CD, Women, Final
5:38 p.m.400mUD/CD, Men, Final
5:52 p.m.4x100mMS, Girls, Final
6:05 p.m.4x100mMS, Boys, Final
6:18 p.m.Sprint MedleyCD, Women, Final
6:33 p.m.Sprint MedleyCD, Men, Final
6:48 p.m.1500mUD/CD, Women, Final
6:55 p.m.1500mUD/CD, Men, Final
7:02 p.m.4x800mUD, Women, Final
7:12 p.m.4x800mUD, Men, Final
7:22 p.m4x200mUD/CD Women, Final
7:34 p.m4x200mUD/CD Men, Final
7:50 p.m.3000m SteepleElite, Women, Final
8:18 p.m.MileElite, Girls, Final
8:25 p.m.MileElite, Boys, Final
8:31 p.m.4x400mHS, Girls, Prelim
8:48 p.m.4x400mHS, Boys, Prelim
Field Events
5:00 p.m.DiscusUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
5:00 p.m.Long JumpUD/CD, Women, Final
5:00 p.m.Pole VaultUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
6:15 p.m.DiscusUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
6:30 p.m.Shot PutUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
7:00 p.m.Long JumpUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
7:45 p.m.Shot PutUD/CD Invite, Men, Final

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